John Harris's Walking in England

Walking in Suffolk

Newmarket walks to download and print FREE!

Ashley walk 3.5 miles
Ashley walk 4.5 miles
Burrough Green walk 5 miles
Burrough Green walk 5 miles
Burwell walk 5 miles
Burwell walk 6.2 miles
Burwell walk 7 miles
Burwell walk 7 miles
Burwell walk 7.2 miles
Cheveley walk 3 miles
Cheveley walk 4 miles
Dalham walk 4.3 miles
Dalham walk 4.75 miles
Denston walk 3.2 miles
Denston walk 4.5 miles
Dullingham walk 3 miles
Dullingham walks 3.7 or 4.3 miles
Dullingham walk 5 miles
Dullingham to Fulbourn train walk 12.5 miles
Dullingham to Kennett train walk 14 miles
Gazeley's Three Churches Walk 5 miles
Great Bradley Walk 3 miles
Great Bradley to Kedington walk 5.7 miles
Great Thurlow walk 3.5 or 7 miles
Hawkedon walk 5.5 miles
Hawkedon walk 6 miles
Kennett to Newmarket train walk 10.75 miles
Kennett to Barrow train walk 18.5 miles
Kirtling walk 5 or 6.5 miles
Landwade walk 4 miles
Mildenhall walk (wheel and push-chair friendly) 1 mile
Mildenhall walk 2 miles
Moulton walk 4.3 miles
Newmarket to Stetchworth walk 5 miles
Newmarket to Soham train walk 11 miles
Newmarket to Bury St Edmunds train walk 21.7 miles
Newmarket walk 22.1 miles
Reach walk 5.5 miles
Reach walk 5.8 miles
Stetchworth walk 2.75 miles
Stetchworth walk 3.25 miles
Stetchworth walk 4.4 miles
Stetchworth walk 11 miles
Tuddenham walks (wheel and push-chair friendly) 0.6 or 2.5 miles
Wicken walk 0.7 miles
Wicken walk 2.1 miles
Wicken walk 2.8 miles
Wicken walk 6 miles
Wickhambrook walk 2.8 miles
Wickhambrook walk 4 miles
Wickhambrook walk 5 miles
Wickhambrook walk 5.4 miles
Wickhambrook walk 6.8 miles
Wickhambrook walk 7.3 miles
Wickhambrook walk 8 miles
Woodditton walk 2 miles
Woodditton walk 3 miles
Woodditton walk 4 miles

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